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Андромеда - 3 сезон 9 серия

The scope and requirements come next - formed from weeks of meetings where every idea that got thrown out was recorded in the minutes and added to the ultimate RFP. The next section created is a crazy list of requirements in order to answer the RFP. Things that are irrelevant to the ability of the firm to complete your project o Endless pages of background o A complete list of the team that will be on the project and their mothers maiden name, all prior to gaining a true understanding. O A complete strategic vision based on this six page document. O Picture of the agency CEO in a Zebra Costume. Finally, the RFP writer then hits ctrl F and replaces client with YourCompanyName. Yep, the final version has everything. It's cluttered and anything but succinct. But hey, if the agencies want to earn your business, they'll deal with it and smile through. Now this may be a little hyperbolic, but it is not far from what the average RFP looks like. The agency wants to give you the best possible scope and strategy for your budget because they want to win the business, but cannot begin to understand it through this limited document. . So invariably, something is sold that.

андромеда - 3 сезон 9 серия

What Agencies Think of Your RFPs Blasphemi

GNU General Public License. So, you've secured a budget. You've sat through endless meetings with every little department that has any content on the site and recorded every minute detail of their requirements for the new site. You've done your best to clarify goals and objectives that aren't as detailed as you'd like because even your CEO is a little uncertain about how the web fits into your business today (or tomorrow, for that matter). You've combed through a list of agencies who are the least like your last one, but who have the skills to help you. You've even thought a lot about how important "fit" is to a successful agency relationship and included your expectations for achieving. Now you have to have someone package it all up into a document that can be distributed. You're already past your timeline targets and your fickle executives are getting impatient (nevermind the fact that they are the ones who delayed the process in the first angel place!). You've got to attend to the business. So you assign a writer to make the whole thing make sense and pass it on to procurement to get their stamp. Heres what happens next. Someone not qualified sitemaps the current site while getting a moderate amount of input from other departments about what is missing. This causes the number of pages on the site to go from 50 to 150. The RFP writer, having structured hundreds of these documents, has some boiler plate information like goals for the re-design, and that the site is not clean, and gets a few bullet points from you as the Director of Marketing.

  • Андромеда - 3 сезон 9 серия

андромеда - 3 сезон 9 серия

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