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Kak-Kak-Ola - Disbelievin 04

These include the 45 version of "Rain five previously unreleased book acoustic cuts, four of them versions of songs from the LP, one Bye Bye/Easy Jack of a tune that was not included on Kak; the "Flight From the East Good Time Music" Gary Yoder solo. Prior to joining Blue Cheer, guitarist/vocalist Gary Lee Yoder, was a founding member of Kak, one of the most talented, versatile and underrated of all the psychedelic bands to come out of California in the 1960s. Rain (Single Version) 2:06. Track 10, filename c:TorrentflackakKak-Ola10 - Rain (Single Version).wav. It didn't help that the band played less than a dozen shows before breaking up in early 1969, Damrell having already quit prior to the split. Wav" wave index australia 01 00:00:00 track 10 audio index 00 05:53:00 file "KakKak-Ola10 - Rain (Single Version).wav" wave index 01 00:00:00 track 11 audio index 00 02:00:29 file "KakKak-Ola11 - Everything's Changing (Previously Unissued Acoustic Demo).wav" wave index 01 00:00:00 track 12 audio index. Pre-gap length 0:00:02.98, peak level 100.0 Track quality 100.0 Test CRC baea73F4 Copy CRC baea73F4 Copy. There were also more distant echoes of Quicksilver Messenger Service (in the guitar work) and the Grateful Dead (in faint traces of country-blues-rock).

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The group was together for only one year, and left behind a legacy of only a single album, Kak'ola. Full album review: ml, kak - Kak ola, kak's first and only album released in 1969. Kak / Kak-Ola, used drive : plextor dvdr PX-750A Adapter: 7 ID:. Kak were best, and least derivative, at their quietest, as on the gentle country-tinged rocker "I've Got Time, " the good-time wistful cozumel psych-folk-rock of "Lemonade Kid, " and the harpsichord-decorated ballad "Flowing By, " which was as derivative of Donovan as much of their other. I've Got Time 3:41. The self-titled Kak LP was minor-league San Francisco psychedelic rock colored by a lot of influence from bigger Bay Area bands, particularly Moby Grape; the vocal harmonies and curling guitar work on tracks like 'Disbelievin and "Everything's Changing" in particular sounded amsterdam like a more pedestrian. File "KakKak-Ola01 - Hco 97658.wav" wave. Peak level 100.0 Track quality 100.0 Test CRC 0B6233C5 Copy CRC 0B6233C5 Copy. Read offset correction : 102Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out : NoFill up missing offset samples with silence : YesDelete leading and trailing silent blocks : NoNull samples used in CRC calculations : YesUsed interface : Native Win32 interface for Win NT 2000Gap handling : Appended. Hco 97658 1:40. Everything's Changing 4:07. Track 9, filename c:TorrentflackakKak-Ola09 - Lemonaide Kid. Lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter Gary Lee Yoder and lead guitarist Dehner Patten had been in the Oxford Circle, an obscure early Northern Californian psychedelic band that had cut one garage/psych single Foolish Woman Mind Destruction and played some shows on the San Francisco. Wav Pre-gap length 0:00:03.12 Peak level.0 Track quality 100.0 Test CRC 0D9F959F Copy CRC 0D9F959F Copy OK Track 20 Filename c:TorrentflackakKak-Ola20 - Good Time Music. Medley:Bye Bye / Easy Jack (Previously Unissued) 4:14.

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Bryte 'N' Clear Day (Previously Unissued Acoustic Live Version) 6:10. File "KakKak-Ola06 - Flowing. Wav" wave index online 01 00:00:00 track 20 audio index 00 04:10:23 file "KakKak-Ola20 - Good Time Music. I own nothing in this video and am posting it strictly for presentational purposes. Medley:Mirage / Rain (Previously Unissued Acoustic Live Version) 5:53. Used output format : User Defined EncoderSelected bitrate : 10 kBit/sQuality : HighAdd ID3 tag : NoCommand line compressor : C:Program Filesflacflac. Index 01 00:00:00, track 06 audio, index 00 03:37:52. Track 7, filename c:TorrentflackakKak-Ola07 - Bryte 'N' Clear Day.

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02 1:40 Everything's Changing. 03 5:47 Electric Sailor.

Kak -Kak -Ola - Disbelievin. Medley:Mirage / Rain (Previously Unissued Acoustic york Live Version). By a lot of influence from bigger Bay Area bands, particularly Moby Grape; the vocal harmonies and curling guitar work on tracks like 'Disbelievin and "Everything's Changing" in particular sounded. This version, Kak Ola, was rereleased in 1999 with several previously unissued bonus tracks.

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Disbelievin' 4:00 (7.32 M). The group was together for only one year, and left behind a legacy of only a single album, Kak 'ola.

Kak's album was barely promoted and sold little. Kak Kak 1969, disbelievin kak, disbelievin'. Track 8, jamaica filename c:TorrentflackakKak-Ola08 - Trieulogy. All audio and picture content presented in this video belongs to the respective artists and copyright holders, by posting this video i make no profit whatsoever. Lemonaide Kid 5:56. Wav" wave index 01 00:00:00 track 08 audio index 00 03:43:57 file "KakKak-Ola08 - Trieulogy. I Miss You (Previously Unissued) 3:59. Read mode : SecureUtilize accurate stream : YesDefeat audio cache : YesMake use of C2 pointers :. The 1999 Big Beat CD, titled Kak-Ola, includes everything from the Kak LP, but also adds eleven bonus tracks. Wav, pre-gap length 0:00:01.69.

Kak-Kak-Ola - Disbelievin 04

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